Hannah + Emily | Spartanburg, SC | Prom

Emily got in touch with me through Instagram about doing some photos for her and her bestie, Hannah, for prom. We had originally planned to take them at Barnett Park, but those plans changed ten minutes before the start of the session when I showed up and discovered a kite festival was taking place. So instead we met up in downtown Spartanburg and boy oh boy am I so glad we did. These two KILLED it. They are (obviously) stunning, classy and oh so fun to be around. Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

_MG_5911 copy_MG_5890_MG_5999_1 copy_MG_6014 copy_MG_6020 copy_MG_6035 copy_MG_6039 copy_MG_6045 copy_MG_6047 copy_MG_6056 copy_MG_6069 copy_MG_6074 copy_MG_6125b copy_MG_6173 copy_MG_6192 copy_MG_6193 copy_MG_6178_1_MG_6190_1_MG_6226 copy_MG_6222 copy_MG_6251 copy_MG_6252 copy_MG_6281 copy_MG_6331 copy_MG_6340 copy_MG_6367 copy_MG_6379 copy


P.S. This is the first time I’ve blogged about my favorite photos from a session…should I keep doing it or nah? Let me know in the comments!



Author: Kaitlin

Lover of people, connoisseur of bagels, freelance photographer, founder of Wonderfully Made Clothing, follower of Jesus who's just trying to convince all of my friends to join Wonderfully Made and move overseas with me. Deeply burdened for the 3.07 billion unreached people in the world, I am elated for the opportunity to spend my life telling as many as possible about my Beautiful Savior. Join me in dreaming eternity centered dreams and venturing out on wild seas, may we both know and experience the love, grace and hope of Christ.

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