Gala + Graduation Highlights

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a Gala and Graduation for Carolina College of Theology. It’s not often I leave a shoot feeling like family with the client, but as I walked away from the gala and graduation, those that once were strangers felt more like friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, co-laborers for the Kingdom. How sweet it is that the Gospel has the power to unite our hearts together with perfect strangers.

Huge shoutout to my friend Kavin for passing the shoot along to me, you rock dude.
Here are a few of my favorite photos…Let me know what you guys think!

Gala Highlights

_MG_9993-2_MG_0140_MG_0167_MG_0306 copy_MG_9998_MG_0776_MG_0771_MG_0236_MG_0183_MG_0778_MG_9995-2_MG_0497_MG_0770_MG_0413_MG_0710_MG_0444_MG_0584_MG_0762_MG_0345_MG_0824_MG_0474_MG_0657_MG_0398_MG_0806_MG_0242 copy_MG_0215_MG_0288_MG_0868_MG_0781_MG_0854_MG_0791_MG_0642_MG_0570_MG_0561_MG_0550_MG_0537_MG_0420-2_MG_0128_MG_0869


Graduation Highlights

_MG_1011_MG_1126_MG_1089_MG_1101_MG_1120_MG_1203_MG_1237_MG_1305_MG_1242 copy_MG_1235_MG_1378_MG_1386_MG_1419_MG_1430 copy_MG_1456_MG_1479_MG_1492_MG_1506_MG_1569_MG_1499_MG_1537_MG_1598_MG_1614_MG_1639 copy_MG_1700_MG_1704_MG_1711_MG_1716_MG_1731_MG_1811_MG_1848_MG_1805_MG_1888_MG_1896_MG_1905_MG_1960_MG_1902


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