Hello! Let’s be friends

I am a lover of Jesus, people, bread, 2AM and F#m.

Frequenter of coffee shops and other countries.

Forever seeking God-honoring and Kingdom-furthering adventures while pursuing a quiet and soft heart.

Join me in dreaming eternity centered dreams and venturing out on wild seas, may we both know and experience the love, grace and hope of Christ.


11 thoughts on “Hello! Let’s be friends

  1. Ronnie Harden says:

    Nothing else hits the point better than the way you put it, execpt for the Bible. Such a clear point and can be no more well put than you have written. I truly believe God’s Kingdom smiles on the way you have made it so easy to understand. Thank you for this and hopefully people will come to understand how we should truly be to one another.


  2. gideonswordpastor says:


    Your letter and your post about not waiting for your husband were great. You are a young woman of great depth and maturity.

    I’m glad to be your older brother in Christ.



  3. Julia Gieseking says:

    Thank you for this. I am a Lutheran (former Catholic) and a straight Ally. Though I do not agree regarding the nature of homosexuality, your post is incredibly touching and genuine. I strayed from the Church for a long time because of attitudes like those you described. I am an attorney, and I believe in the secular state, and the rule of law. The more I saw the politics of this country intertwined with the definition of “Christian,” the more uncomfortable I became. Regardless of views, people will not come to the Church by being beaten with a hammer, oppressed, or while being discriminated against. The hypocrisy of saying those values are “Christian,” and the attempts to force them on others, only serves to separate people from Christ, and does nothing to invite them TO Christ, which is our purpose. Regardless of the finer points of contention, gay and lesbian children continue to commit suicide, and are the focus of merciless bullying. Maybe the rod is not the best way to reach out to these kids, and maybe, just maybe…..we should focus on love and not disapproval and shame. Thank you again, you help restore my faith by posting this, truly you do. God bless you.

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  4. John says:

    Same old tired “hate the sin, but love the sinner” – not quite unconditional love, and “not quite” is a bottomless chasm.


  5. Mark McGinnis says:

    Wonderful letter, Kaitlin!
    You get it, so does Alistair Begg (wish more did!).

    Start at 29:10, if you don’t have time to listen to the entire message.


  6. Linda Rudisill says:

    Your letter was amazing. While I do not know how I feel about the ruling from the Supreme Court, I do know it is not my place to judge, but to love one another. Job well done.


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